Friday, March 27, 2009

16 Games Left

The Toronto FivTs has all but secured the North title needing only 2 games.
The Minnesota Mudcats are on a 6 game win streak keeping their playoff hopes for a wild card spot alive.

The Boston Liberty with a 6 game win streak has suddenly put some distance on the rest of the pack.

The Nashville Hillbillies has surged into the division lead with a 4 game win streak but are playing their hated nemesis, the Charleston RiverDogs who could close the gap to one game again. Either way, both teams are playoff bound.

The Las Vegas Aces are in the drivers seat with a dominate lead for the title in the West.

Wild Card Race:
Depending on how the South shakes out either Nashville or Charleston will take the first wild card spot.
The Austin Black Socks currently hold the second spot but the Minnesota Mudcats are quickly closing the slim gap to challenge for that all important 6th seed.

The Milwaukee Cervezeros are three wins away from securing the title.

The Syracuse Symbiotes have muddled through the season with enough home wins to take a commanding lead in a relatively lifeless division. Rumor has it that Dragon management is putting the pitching staff in front of a tenure firing squad and may look for an entirely new staff next year.

The Monterrey Rayados currently hold the lead in the South with the Florida Storm hot on their heels. As the heat rises, a look at the schedule shows Monterrey with the easier schedule, but looks can be deceiving. The showdown at the end of the month could decide the outcome.

The Cheyenne Sandors are fighting to keep last years disaster from repeating. The Arizona High Heat are closing the gap and are a 3 game winning streak and have won 8 out the last 10 to close the gap. The Honolulu Warriors are on a 6 game win streak and have also won 8 out of the last 10 but are only poised to interfere with the division race.

Wild Card:
At the current time the loser and the third place team in the West will take the precious spots.

Other News:
The Toledo Mud Hens need one win to eclipse last years season win total.
The Pittsburgh , The Fish That Saved needs 1 win to not lose 100 games this season.
It is also possible that no team in the AL could lose 100 games this season, a feat that has never happened.
With the season winding down I would like to send congrats to the Toledo Mud Hens being selected number 1 in IFA signings this year, with Washington and Monterrey(with their latest addition) a close second and Toronto third.