Sunday, March 22, 2009

30 Games To Go

The Milwaukee Cervezeros seem to have the division crown well in hand with a 13 game lead. The biggest question in whether or not the Toledo Mud Hens can win 9 more games this season, which I do think they will.

The Syracuse Symbiotes once again have the division crown within their grubby little paws with a 13 game lead.

The Monterrey Rayados have jumped into the division lead but the Florida Storm are in their hip pocket. This division probably won't be decided till the last game of the season.

The Cheyenne Sandors have an uncomfortable 5 game lead at this time for the division crown. Is another melt down possible? It would take a total collapse to miss the playoffs this year. The Arizona High Heat is not giving up hope at winning the division as they are well on their way as securing a playoff berth. The Honolulu Warriors are staying ahead of everybody else for that final playoff spot but that is not a sure thing at the moment.

If the season ended today.
1. Cheyenne Sandors
2. Milwaukee Cervezeros
3. Syracuse Symbiotes
4. Monterrey Rayados
5. Arizona High Heat
6. Honolulu Warriors

Bubble hopefuls: Florida Storm

The Toronto FivTs zoomed into the lead and seem to have secured the division crown already. The biggest news out of the division is the amazing Pittsburgh , The Fish That Saved as they are well above expectations and fans are excited about their bright future.

The Boston Liberty have the lead with the Richmond Cavaliers staying close. The fans are scratching their heads at what has happened in this division this season. Did the Lobsterbacks move have an impact? The Whalers have exceeded last years win total already and the fans are excited about their future.

The Nashville Hillbillies are on top today, the Charleston RiverDogs could be on top tomorrow. Who will win the crown could be decided by a coin flip. The Little Rock Patriots are poised to have their best record since season 1. Austin Black Socks are sitting back watching making sure they claim a playoff spot.

The Las Vegas Aces have distanced themselves from the pack and have a comfortable 11 game lead. Anaheim Baja Racers are dead set in improving upon last seasons record in their new confines. The Santa Cruz Slugs had a rookie owner come in for this season. He has learned a lot, could they find themselves in a new home next season? Rumor has it that Salem, Boise and Helena are front runners at this time.

If the playoffs started today.
1. Toronto FivTs
2. Nashville Hillbillies
3. Las Vegas Aces
4. Boston Liberty
5. Charleston RiverDogs
6. Austin Black Socks

Bubble: Minnesota Mudcats