Thursday, April 2, 2009

Season 7 League Leaders

Pitching -
Wins: Omar Gonzales with a 23-8 record.
Saves: Chad Grilli with 48 in 51 tries.
Innings Pitched: Mark Trammell with 244.
Complete Games: Sergio Ingram and Mark Trammell with 5 each.
Shut Outs: Sergio Ingram with 3.
Strike Outs: Walt Wilson with 235.
OAV: Mario Loaiza with a .201.
ERA, WHIP and ER: Albie Urbina a closer giving up 1 Earned Run, a WHIP of .078 and ERA of .019 while saving 38 in 39 tries.

Average: Tito Reitsma with a .348.
Home Runs: Rich Pittinger with 60.
Doubles: Nate Thomas, Sherman Moore and Alton Clayton with 46 each.
Triples: Bart Wigginton with 13.
Runs: Roscoe Kubenka and Jose Garces with 123.
RBI's: Juan Cervantes with 155.
Walks: Ira Munoz with 100.
SB's: Roscoe Kubenka with 73.
Streak: Esteban Granados and Henry Harding with 24.
AB's: Dustin Durrington with 682.