Thursday, April 2, 2009


Well, we know who is up for the major awards, but how about the lesser awards or the "Umpires Fickle Finger of Fate Awards" or who might find a job serving flapjacks next year.

Umpire Frustration Pitching Award: Paul Ellis for a 5-20 record. B.J. Zaun was runner up for this dubious honor.

Umpire Loser Award: Matt Graves with a 3-16 record. Howie Gray was runner up.

Umpire Iron Pitching Award: Ernie Duckworth with a 8-14 record while pitching 212 innings.

Umpire Busy Award: Benito Benitez giving up 257 hits amongst other not so pitcher like stats that kept them real busy.

Umpire Tired Twirl Award: Paul Ellis wins a second award giving up 48 round trippers.

Umpire Ball Four Award: Bo Glynn with 117.

Umpire Bruiser Award: Walt Wilson with 16. Sergio Ingram was a very close second.

Umpire Duck Award: Max Castro with 7 wild pitches.

Umpire You Can't Do that Award: Mike Hundley with 5 balks.

Umpire Iron Hitter Award: Storm Simms with 618 AB's and a .225 Average.

Umpire Theftless Award: Tito Reitsma for getting caught 22 times stealing in 29 attempts.

Umpire Strike Three Award: Terrell Jones with 165 strike outs.

Umpire Bruised Award: Fernando Gutierrez who failed to duck 17 times.

Umpire Your Up With 1 Out Award: Albert Barr who hit into 34 game ending double plays.

Umpire Ground Assault Award: Geoff Lackey made contact about 400 times and may never have hit one in the air.

Umpire Air Assault Award: Norm Franco who made contact about 400 times with about 80% being in the air.

Umpire Patience Award: Greg Ponson who saw 3.96 pitches per plate appearance but only had a .255 average.

Umpire Be A Stick Award: Ross Strickland with 548 AB's and a 194 average.