Saturday, June 27, 2009

30 Games Left


1. Nashville Hillbillies - South crown already wrapped up with a pretty bow. Still in a dog fight for the number 1 seed.

2. Toronto FivTs - North crown already being worn. In the dog fight with Nashville.

3. Columbus Clevelanders - Has the East crown in their grasps and just a matter of time

4. Anaheim Baja Racers - Currently the leader of the pack in the West. With only a 5 game margin from first to last, it is anyones for the taking.

5. Austin Black Socks - Currently in the running for a wild card. Though things could get rather uppity with any of the teams from the west.


1. Cheyenne Sandors - Have sneaked into the number 1 slot at the moment. Has the West crown in sight.

2. Milwaukee Cervezeros - After a brief pause in the action, has come back to claim the number 2 spot and the North lead for now.

3. Augusta A's - After a brief stint of being in first place in the North, reality set in and its back to chasing the leader and at least a wild card.

4. Florida Storm - Has control of the South and only Atlanta to contend with, who has faltered as of late.

5. Philadelphia Fighting Quakers - Surprise leader of the East for the time being, though it is not a comfy lead but is slowly widening the gap.

6. Arizona - With five or more contenders to this spot, they are the leader. Nothing is close to being assured as the wild card heats up.