Friday, July 3, 2009

12 Games To Go

With 12 Games to go the Play Off picture looks like this


1. Toronto FivTs - North Crown
2. Nashville Hillbillies - South Crown
3. Anaheim Baja Racers - Leads the West by 3 games
4. Columbus Clevelanders - East Crown
5. Salem Slims
6. Las Vegas Aces and Austin Black Socks

Bubble Teams: Vancouver Primetimers, Charleston RiverDogs and Minnesota Mudcats

The 4, 5 and 6 seed is totally up in the air and may not be decided for a while.
Each team has a pretty tough schedule left. The West could be an interesting finish as we may not know who will take the crown til the last out is made. Minnesota has the toughest schedule IMO and that doesn't bode well for their slim chances. Charleston could easily go 9-3 or 10-2 to finish the season putting lots of pressure on the last wild card spot. If Charleston does make the run, the other wild card teams will need to finish with at least a 6-6 record or better and that may be easier said than done. Other than that, Columbus could easily capture the 3 seed.


1. Milwaukee Cervezeros - North Crown though not set in stone but likely
2. Cheyenne Sandors - West Crown
3. Florida Storm - South Crown
4. Philadelphia Fighting Quakers
5. Augusta A's - 1st Wild Card spot
6. Syracuse Symbiotes

Bubble Teams: Arizona High Heat, Tucson Toros, Cleveland Clowns

Although anything can happen, the big race is between the East crown and the last wild card spot as it could wind up with a hectic finish. Both spots could change hands more than once by more than one team. Philadelphia has the toughest schedule that could be detrimental but 5 wins should at least sew up a wild card but that may be easier said than done. Syracuse has been squeaking by with 1-run wins and doesn't have an easy schedule by far. Arizona has the easiest schedule but will probably need to win most of them if not all to have a chance. Tucson and Cleveland would have to virtually win out to have a realistic chance though I don't see that happening as they could actually eliminate each other in the next two games.