Monday, September 28, 2009

IFA Market News

The International Market has actually seen a flurry of buys in the last month but mostly in the minor league filler range. However here are a few that got some nice money for good reason. So far this season, 15 players have received bonuses over $5M and 21 more with a bonus over $1M and 39 more that went under $1M. So the market has been rather active all season.

The Richmond Cavaliers signed Deivi Sosa for $10.6M. A power hitting 1B/DH that will make his presence known.

The Pittsburgh , The Fish That Saved signed Ricardo Feliz for $10.1M. Although listed as a catcher, he doesn't project well for that position and will probably be delegated as a power DH.

The Houston Not So Nice signed Donald Kim for $9.9M. Doesn't have the defense for 2B but could make a weak 3B but is better suited for COF. Will be a good threat at the plate.

The Toronto FivTs signed Frank Suzuki for $7.2M. A good closer/setup man in the future if he stays off the DL.