Friday, October 2, 2009

Sprint To The Finish

Fourteen games left in the season and the Wild Card Race is heating up in the NL. The last look saw 9 teams still in the hunt for a spot in the playoffs, with Fargo falling off the pace but not exactly out, there remains 8. Here is a look.

Syracuse Symbiotes lead the pack as they have all season but haven't played well as of late. They will have to pick up the pace as they have to play 11 of 14 games against division leaders.

Florida Storm have muscled their way into a tie for the 6th spot. Their schedule is not easy but open a four games series with Philadelphia before they play the other hopefuls.

Arizona High Heat are tied with Florida for the 6th spot. Their schedule is definitely not easy as they open against Augusta that could make or break them.

Monterrey Rayados had their chance but losing 2 of 3 to Florida hurt. They open against Fargo and it just gets tougher from there.

Cleveland Clowns took 2 of 3 from Syracuse and the last being a 4-3 loss, otherwise it would have been a four way tie for the wild cards. They open against Tucson and the schedule is not easy but they must win to put the other pretenders out of the race.

Milwaukee Cervezeros has just been hanging around and look to capitalize on that fact. They have the easiest schedule of all as they open against Oakland and most of them are on the road where they win most often.

Tucson Toros are in the race at 3 games back. The opening series against Cleveland will be paramount as they need to sweep them to have a chance.

Houston Not So Nice are also in the race at 3 back and have been playing good ball as of late. They have a chance as they open with St Louis before it really gets tough.

In my estimation, the winner will be Milwaukee (due to their schedule) and the survivor and that could be anyone.

In the AL it all comes down to whether Pittsburgh , The Fish That Saved can overtake the Minnesota Mudcats. It is very possible that the final Wild Card spot could boil down to the final series between the two. The Mudcats have a 3 game lead but a very difficult schedule to maintain it. Pittsburgh has a relatively easy schedule in comparison and could easily catch up and bypass the Mudcats making the final three catafish (pardon the pun).