Monday, September 28, 2009

The Race Is On!

The NL is one for the record books in the race for a playoff spot. The division races are pretty much settled unless there is a total collapse. I don't see that happening but the race for the Wild Card is on with as many as 9 teams vying for two spots. It may come down to the final game of the season before anything is conclusive as no one has been able to get a solid foothold.

With 25 games to the NL picture looks like this:

1. Cheyenne Sandors - West - Holds spot with a 3 game lead
2. Washington D.C. Senators - East - Holds spot with a 6 game lead
3. Atlanta Southern Boys - South - Holds spot 1 game
4. Augusta A's - North

Wild Card

1. Syracuse Symbiotes - East - Has 2 game lead
2. Cleveland Clowns - East, Arizona High Heat - West
3. Monterrey Rayados - South, Florida Storm - South, Tucson Toros - West
4. Milwaukee Cervezeros - North, Houston Not So Nice - South
5. Fargo Beet Diggers - North

The AL is quite a bit different as things are not as contentious. The East still sees a division race between Richmond and Louisville for the 4 spot. Pittsburgh is currently the only outside contender in the Wild Card Race.

1. Toronto FivTs - North - Holds lead by 2 games
2. Oklahoma City Okies - South - Holds lead by 16 but only 8 in the division
3. Las Vegas Aces - Holds lead by 3 games
4. Richmond Cavaliers - Holds the division by 5 games

Wild Card
1. Austin Black Socks - South - Holds lead by 6 games
2. Minnesota Mudcats - North - Holds lead by 5 games
3. Pittsburgh , The Fish That Saved - North - Only team in contention at the moment.