Friday, September 11, 2009

It is All-Star Break!!


The NL sees a few shocking things to say the least but there are 71 games left to play.

Oddity - NL North has no one over .500.
Not an Oddity - Syracuse found a way to get into 1st place in the East again.
Not an Oddity - Cleveland won 12 of 14 to get in the race again only to probably fall out of sight.
Oddity - Florida still struggles in the South.
Not an Oddity - Cheyenne has the best record in the NL.
Biggest Oddity - Just about everyone still within striking distance of a wild card spot.

Mark James leads the league in Home Runs with 44 and RBI's with 107.
Jung-Lee Kojima with a .347 average leads the league.
Howard Fitzgerald leads the league in thefts with 35 but is the best thief with 33 while never being caught.
Kenny Walters, Pep Baker and Vladimir Moya are making the Cy Young race quite interesting with three or four more interlopers.
Tomas Gonzales has the most saves but Albie Urbina and Chad Grilli might be the best in show that never get chances.
Irv Rooney has the most plus plays with 12 but probably won't win a Gold Glove because Tyler Forbes has 10 with 9 fewer errors in CF.


The AL doesn't see as many shocking things but there are a few.

Not an oddity - Toronto FivTs and the Oklahoma City Okies have the best records with the Austin Black Socks hanging tough.
Oddity - AL East doesn't have a team over .500 and could be a struggle to the end.
Not an oddity - 7 teams are within 6 games the the wild card spot and 11 is the furthest out.

Brant Henderson and Tom Mullens lead the league Home Runs while Alfredo Crespo is 1 swat away.
Carl Blue leads the league with a .389 average but doesn't get to play as much as he would like. Teammate John Corsi is second with a .347.
Dummy Perez has 58 thefts and has only been caught 4 times, maybe he isn't a dummy.
J.C. Watson may have the early lead in the Cy Young race but lets not forget about a host of others that include Timo Redman that could claim the prize.
Garry Fischer may have the most saves with 27 but Humberto Lee has 25 and 3 wins to his credit.
Vincenzo Meacham is the leading candidate in plus plays with 12 and the leading candidate for a Gold Glove in CF.

INTL Front

Pascual Lopez was recently signed by Toronto for $16.6M. Although listed as a LF he is a best a 1B. He may be an OBP machine but lacks true power.