Thursday, November 12, 2009

Season 10 Starts

Sorry folks, but things just hasn't been going well for the past month or so, nothing serious, just persistent.

At this time I would like to welcome the new owners:

stevelippo - took over the Sandors and moved them to Omaha where they became the Bluffs. I spent a bad day in Omaha, but I don't remember any bluffs there.

hartjh14 - returns after a little hiatus, team is not as great as the one he left but named the team after the original team owner (great respect). If anyone can right the team hartjh can and moved them to his favorite city, Nashville.

gallaa01 - took over the team that was in Columbus the last two seasons. A new owner that hopefully isn't afraid to ask for help as several will answer your questions. First step is to turn off the AI as it won't help you at all at this time.

bermanap - took over the Okie City franchise and moved them to Mexico City and named them the Burritos. If nothing else there will be good eats. He has a season under his belt and takes over a premier franchise.

r8erfan - is also another new owner and like gallaa01, hopefully will ask questions to help understand this complicated game. Moving the team from Vegas to Fresno may have been a good start.

ronla3450 - took over the mighty Austin franchise and moved them to Texas and became the Gunslingers. Another new owner that hopefully asks questions.

The only other news is I moved the Clowns from Cleveland (sound familiar) to Cincinnati and renamed them the Bungles (well I kept the underwhelming nickname). That almost completes the Ohio tour...Toledo to go...roflmao

Looks can be deceiving, but the NL is going to be one big fight this season and could be in for a bunch of surprises. The object of desire in the Al is to knock the Toronto team off their perch.