Thursday, February 25, 2010


AL NORTH - Toronto, Minnesota, Pittsburgh and Seattle

Last year this was division was undoubtedly the best and deepest division in Hometown. Give Pittsburgh alot of credit as over the last several seasons they have really closed the gap between Toronto and Minnesota. With one of the best players in the league and reigning AL MVP Russ Neal leading the charge I think this is the year that Pittsburgh jumps over Minnesota for that second spot. Toronto is too deep and despite Pittsburghs excellent hitting and Minnesota's talent there is likely no stopping them. Seattle has the unfortunate position of being the other team in the division. Do not take them lightly! They have some real good young talent coming up through their system and could challenge in a couple of seasons. But here's how I see it breaking down in season 11.
1. Toronto
2. Pittsburgh
3. Minnesota
4. Seattle