Friday, September 2, 2011

The Decision...And More: Hometown, Season 16

I'm deciding to be a douchebag!
Thanks to everyone for their cooperation with the voting.  The process went very smoothly, and I appreciate the willingness to move things along.  The final votes were as follows:

16 votes for the prospect cap
votes for no change
abstentions (including myself)

Therefore, we will institute a $30M cap on prospect funds starting in Season 17.  I will write a statement of such in our 'Private World Rules' that will go something like this:

"No team may exceed a season total of $30M in their 'prospect' budget.  Franchises who violate this rule must accept a $3M prospect cash penalty in the following season for every $1M over the $30M limit. Owners who fail to comply with this rule risk removal from the league."

If you have any objections to the language or penalties, please let me know as soon as possible. We will give this rule a trial for 3 seasons, and decide in Season 20 whether to keep the rule or punt it, similar to what we did this year.  Again, thanks for all your help with this process.

However, we're not quite done yet.  Two franchises (Jackson and Philadelphia) have failed to meet the 2 year win requirement of 125 wins.  Philly also fell short of the 3 year win requirement of 195 wins, and unless Jackson wins 84+ games next season, they will also fall short of the 3 year requirement.  In our private world rules, we state that if the wins requirement is not met, the franchise will face a vote on whether they will be allowed to return.  Therefore, the last thing I need from everyone is a vote whether or not the owner should be allowed to return.  I'm asking for a 'yes' or a 'no' for each individual case.  You may abstain.  Majority will rule here again, but I'm going to require a bare minimum of 10 votes (similar to a trade veto) required for expulsion.  Because of the long weekend, I'm asking for the votes to be in by Tuesday, September 6th, which coincides with the end of the regular season.   I've listed the team's current record as of this writing as well as a few previous seasons, where applicable.

Season 13: 60-102
Season 14: 50-112
Season 15: 73-89
Season 16: 34-115 (as of this writing)

Season 15: 57-105
Season 16: 51-98 (as of this writing)

-bjharder, commissioner 

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