Thursday, September 15, 2011

Season 16 World Series

Are you ready for some football?!?
Here it is folks, Hometown Season 16 World Series.  It's the classic match-up of one ugly stupid team everyone hates, against a beloved group of winners and noble gentlemen who may or may not have some relation to a particular character in Rookie of the Year.  I'll leave it to you to try and figure out which is which.  Let's get down to it.

Buffalo Wild Wings (3) vs. Madison Rowengartners (1)
Season 16 marks the first World Series appearance for the Buffalo franchise and the second for Madison, who return to the stage after a waxing in Season 14 at the hands of the hated Little Rock Patriots.  Both of these teams cruised in their respective divisions all season long, and are anchored by strong pitching, hitting, and defense.

In Madison's last series against the hated Arizona High Heat, ace Max Mendoza suffered a season ending shoulder strain.  Without him, the 'Gartners will have to rely on the oft-injured J.P. Rondon, Cy-Young candidate Perry Casanova, and the newly acquired Merv Strange.  A solid rotation, but the real strength in the staff lies in the bullpen, anchored by O-Rod.

On the other side of the pond, the Wild Wings sport ace and exceptional overachiever Harry Palmeiro, who takes his regular season 1.79 ERA to the series. Something called William Biddle and Vasco Diaz round out the rotation.  The WW's bullpen is full of a bunch of losers, but they can pitch.  The bullpen is strong with this one.
Advantage: Buffalo

Madison has a good lineup anchored by William Sutton, who finally stayed healthy for a full season.  This resulted in him pounding 59 homers....and probably a lot of other stuff during road trips.

Buffalo is centered by the ever-ridiculous Herman Lewis, who in addition to being a darn good baseball player, also has a really sweet 'stache.  The rest of the lineup is probably pretty good too.  Who knows.
Advantage: Tie

Both pretty good.  Madison has Season 16 GG winner at SS in Pascual Ontiveros, while Buffalo has plus defender and white supremacist Jayson Metcalfe at the hot corner.
Advantage: Tie

And that's about it.  I'd make a prediction, but that would just be silly.  See everyone in Season 17.

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