Saturday, December 15, 2012

From the Office of the Commissioner:

Dear Hometown-

We have gone 3+ seasons of our 2 years/100 wins requirement with an automatic dismissal.  In those years we have had zero teams fail to reach the requirement, although a few have come close.  During this time I have had numerous owners in the world and outside mention that they felt our wins requirement was too low.  This season seems like a good time to re-evaluate and potentially make the wins requirement a little more progress-focused.  Most of the other competitive worlds with wins requirements focus on a increasing scale.  For example, there is a 1 year, a 2 year, and a 3 year requirement of increasing 'average' number of wins.  This is in place in order to encourage teams from bottoming out for 5-6 seasons with the hopes of grabbing a few good draft picks while fielding a horrible ML team.  After looking around at other similar worlds to ours, I have a proposal of the following:

1 year of 55 wins
2 years of 115 wins (average of 57.5)
3 years of 190 wins (average of 63.3)

I think it's reasonable to also have an exception for a new owner on the 1 year requirement, but hold them to the 2 and 3 year requirement.  Basically, if a new owner comes in and wins 53 wins the first season, he would be allowed to return, but he would need to win 62 the following season to avoid dismissal.  This would be for the provision of someone inheriting a team in truly horrendous shape, although that hasn't happened in quite some time.  Failure to meet the above wins requirement would still be an automatic dismissal.  Since S18, we have only had 7 instances of a team winning fewer than 55 games (many were close to 55), and in one of cases the team was abandoned after the ASB.  If we moved the requirement up to 55 games, it would not have taken much more than a few wins for those teams to eclipse the wins floor.  Basically what this change would result in is over a 3 year period teams should not average 100 losses, which should not be difficult for most teams.  The wins requirement does not reset after 3 years, it continues to roll.  If enacted, these rules would go into effect STARTING next season.  For the remainder of this season we would still work with the 100 wins/2 yrs.

Here's a few examples of how it would work:

Case #1:
Year 1: 58 wins
Year 2: 63 wins
Year 3: 70 wins

Year 4 you would have to win a minimum of 57 games to stay in the world.

Case #2:
Year 1: 75 wins
Year 2: 79 wins
Year 3: 56 wins

Year 4 you would have to win a minimum of 59 games to stay in the world, not 55 since you would be in violation of the 2-year requirement.  Winning something like 57 games would satisfy the 3-year, but not the 2-year.  All conditions must be met every year.

I will be sending everyone a voting TC as a reminder.  If you don't want to vote, you're welcome to abstain, but I will be looking for a majority (>50% of votes cast) to enact the new rule.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via TC or sitemail.


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