Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Vote: Hometown 22

Do you find this confusing?  You may need one of these.

It's been 5 seasons (starting in S17) since we've capped the IFA spending, either by capping prospect or capping international spending directly.  We last voted in S19 to keep the cap on prospect, so we're pretty much right on time (3 seasons) for the rule on capping spending to come back up for a vote.  To give you some perspective, I've compiled some data on IFA spending over the last 8 seasons:
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Since it appears that last year's rule change has significantly increased IFA spending, I think it's logical to vote on either leaving the current $30M IFA cap in place or removing it entirely.  Regardless of the outcome, we will continue the pattern of re-evaluating the rule in 3 seasons (S25).  I will TC everyone a 'ballot' and a simple "Keep the cap" or "Remove the cap" will suffice as your vote.  As we have done in the past, I will take a simple majority from those who voted.  Abstentions will not count as votes either way.  We'll leave it open for a week, or until 17 votes either way are received.  Please send me a TC or a sitemail with any questions, and thanks for your cooperation.

- The Commish

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